1. You were loved…

  2. Finished ‘You Were Loved’ - the first track for my retro project The Silent Colour. The video is made up of home movies, and found footage to create a subtle storyline, music created in Ableton. 

  3. Other shots of Paris. Our trip from 2012 // Chris Elsasser

  4. the Hell Interface remix of “The Midas Touch” is better than (almost) everything, even when BoC aren’t even trying.

  5. Everybody likes an elephant

  6. Some nice vintage alphabet lettering  

  7. Started a soundcloud page for where I will eventually post my finished tracks, for now I’m adding a mix of select older songs and the current ones without any mastering or vocals. 

    I’m still trying to figure this particular track out - “in duel love”, it’s going to be a duet with my friend Olga (of the Dirty Projectors) but I have rewritten the lyrics about 6 times and can’t settle on a vocal melody. I do love it as an instrumental as well. 

  8. This is a completely baseless joke I illustrated and mocked up of my friend Nick for fun. If you’re not one who knows him you will lose how this is somehow totally appropriate and may one day be a real product.  

  9. dearscience:

Blinded Eye by Kevin Lallier

Fog makes everything better. I should fill my house with it


    Blinded Eye by Kevin Lallier

    Fog makes everything better. I should fill my house with it

  10. My converted design workspace into recording area. By “converted” I mean I dumped all of the music equipment on top of it. For rapping. 

  11. My friend Colin sent out a very creative, hilarious Christmas Card this year. A newspaper styled family update on actual newsprint, complete with charming & satirical articles, crosswords, top song playlists, and paintings by their daughter. The idea was excellent, and the follow through and dedication to it is perfect.

    Why. Didn’t. I. Think. Of. That. 

    Snatch him up for some freelance design & Illustration work, or just hire him to generally improve your life, at his website!

  12. paul-el:

    My brother recorded the nicest song about breaking up you may ever hear..

  13.’re doing the lords work over there, CNN..’re doing the lords work over there, CNN..

  14. your cup it overflows.

    (via juliasegal)

  15. The coffee table (and instructional set for it) I built for our apartment is featured on the front page of Instructables today. Not bad!